K`s Garage Inc. Japan Export Company (English Information)
It is a known fact that Japan is the best place to buy (import) high quality New and Used cars and parts.

K`s Garage Inc. (established for over 10 years) Owned and operated by Ken Omine, Ken and his team will find your next high quality car or cars in Japan to export them directly to you or your company in any country you desire.

We have access to all the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) including cars and parts and (Including all European and American Brands and models) cars and parts.

We also have access to all the vast aftermarket add ons and custom accessories (New and or Used)

K`s Garage Inc, will source your request and have it shipped professionally to your desired international destination.

K`s Garage Inc. is a registered Used Car and Parts exporter based in Southern Japan, with extensive experience in the exporting business, we will find the item you are looking for.

With access to over 75 auto auction companies in Japan, totaling over 150,000 of secondhand vehicles a week, we can purchase almost any car and or part that you desire and export them to ports all over the world.

Any country can apply, we dont care where your from or what you do! Our business is to Export quickly and efficiently.

K`s Garage Inc. can also source any item you request even if its not car related!

Japanese Examples: Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and all other Japanese brands (New or Used).

European Examples: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Lotus and all other Euro brands (New or Used).

American Examples: Corvette, Dodge, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Sports and Pick ups, Vans and all USA Makes (New or Used) .

Also, all brands and models of complete (On Road and Off Road) Japanese, Euro and USA motorcycles (New or Used)
and or parts.

K`s Garage Inc also have a full in-house 100% Professional restoration business in operation dealing with the 60`s - 70`s to current models of all Lowrider styled custom painting, Hydrallics, Air bags etc, you name it, we do it!

K`s Garage Inc. also export these Highly Customised Lowrider cars and all parts and accesories worldwide.

K`s Garage Inc. is one of the most respected names in the Lowrider and Custom business in all Japan.
With over 500 + completed Custom cars over the last 10 years, We really know our business.

We can handle any other non motorised requests as well: (Just email us your unusual request). We get many weird
requests, so dont worry, we have heard them all!

We have Japanese and English staff, So no problems with translation and getting the wrong order! Which is a very
common problem when dealing with Japanese only companys!

All forms of payment are accepted after clearance into or Banking Institutions.

We are always looking for new Import Companys or Private Importers in any country! Apply Now!

Thankyou for your time today, and hope to deal with you soon.

Ken Omine (Owner and Operator)
K`s Garage Inc. (Japan)


TEL:81-(0)986-46-2560  FAX:81-(0)986-46-2563

1369-1, Miyakojima-cho,
Miyakonojo, MIYAZAKI,
JAPAN,  885-0083